Bordeaux, France: a place famous for world class wines and real culture of France

Bordeaux City in France

The wine lovers know that Bordeaux is the only city in France that offers the world class wines. This city is resided at the Shore of Garonne River in southwestern France. This city is an amazing place to come and enjoy a memorable holiday. This city has many hotspots to visit, where you will find winery, wet docks, and a great accommodation facility. Well, if you are thinking that Bordeaux is all about wines, let me tell you there are many other things to do and enjoy. You will get world class transportation facilities and eye-catching sceneries to see. Let’s explore more:

How to arrive:

Bordeaux city offers you Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, which is situated in western end of the city. It is a regional airport, where flights from all over the France arrive every day. You can come here by plane or you choose the train way. The railway station is located at the central region of this city, which connects whole France with this city. You have also road transportation option, if you want to come here by car or by bus. This city is quite large that’s why you will need to hire a taxi or use the public transport for traveling around. You can choose tram way also, which is also known as electric bus in the city. Otherwise you can run around by bicycle to see the hotspots of this city.

Hotels and restaurants:

For sure you can find out both luxurious and cheap hotels in Bordeaux city of France. If you are in mood to live your vacation in fully facilitated way, then you can choose hotels like, Petit Hotel Labottiere, Hotel Des Voyageurs and Hotel Burdigala, which are five star hotels. These hotels offer you luxurious accommodation facility with all modern services. Similarly you can also book a room in cheap hotels of Bordeaux city online.

Hot Girl Bordeaux

To make your journey more delightful with taste of French cuisines, you can go in local restaurants of the city. Glouton le Bistrot and La Maison du Pata Negra are the two most famous restaurants in the city. The nightlife in this city is also awesome with hot women Bordeaux. Some pubs and musical restaurants stay open late in the night where one can mingle with pretty women Bordeaux. They offer you famous wines of Bordeaux city in many different flavors.

Places to see:

F.C. Girondins is a famous football club of the city, which you surely want to see. Every year few soccer matches are organized in this city for people’s entertainment. You must visit in Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, which is prime location to visit and see in the city. Along with that you would surely like to see the Bordeaux Cathedral and Museum dAquitaine, which are famous for their structural and inside beauty. Additionally you can see many other cultural spots in the city, which are the main tourism attraction of this city. For shopping you can visit in The Pedestrian Center, which is a prime location to purchase anything you want. Bordeaux is offering you many other things to do and enjoy, just book your tickets and visit this wonderful place.

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Courchevel, France: the main skiing resort in France with Luxurious facilities


Courchevel, France is a very important city of France, which is also called the source of SPA in France. If you are planning to prepare your trip in France for enjoyment and genuine enjoyment of life, then you should stay in Courchevel.This city offers you wonderful accommodation facilities by providing you 11 luxurious five star hotels.Additionally, you will get six famous restaurants, which are awarded with a Michelin star for their delicious dishes and serving facility. Women can get many comfy boutiques for their shopping and Courchevel, is also offers you largest areal of ski in the world. So, you must consider that your Courchevel trip will become the most memorable tour of your life.

Transport facilities

You can arrive Courchevel by airways. The nearer airport in Courchevel is located inGeneva, which is 149 K.M far from the city. To travel in the city you can take support of taxies, Ski Bus and also of public transport services. This city offers you good transportation facilities including coaches in which you can take a complete tour of the city. If you are also looking to enjoy the sporting event in this city, then you can take part in the ski sports. There are a few clubs, which organize the ski sports, which you can watch and enjoy with your friends. This place is also a wonderful location to enjoy the Ice hockey tournaments, which are organized here every year.

Accommodation facilities:

There are 11 luxurious five star hotels in Courchevel. You stay in the ski resorts, which offer you a charming view with skiing facility. Some famous hotels of this city are LE SAINT ROCH, LE KILIMANDJARO, LES AIRELLES, and a few others. All these fivestar hotels offer you luxurious accommodation services with skiing opportunities. You can pick your ski board and go for an adventurous ride of the snow. If you want budget friendly accommodation services in Courchevel, then you should stay in Rive Droite Hotel, Radiana Hotel, and also the Chalet L’Accroche Coeur. These hotels also offer you wonderful accommodation facilities, but they charge fewer amount in comparison to luxurious hotels.

Nightlife and enjoyment:

Hot Girl Courchevel

The nightlife in Courchevel, France is quite cool and exciting. There are some famous bars and nightclubs, like LE WHITE BAR, LE STRATO, where you can go to enjoy your evening with some famous wines and also with the company of hot women Courchevel. People often search that where they can find charming women to spend their evening in the most pleasant way. At this ski resort you should take your steps towards night clubs and bars to get company of some pretty women Courchevel in your evening.

Courchevel, France is also a prime location for shopping. You can take a look of local shops, where you will get quality clothing, and other household stuffs of your needs. This place is wonderful and it offers you many delicious dishes in famous restaurants. You can visit in restaurants, like Le Petit Savoyard, Black Pearl and La Saulire, which are very famous for offering their French and Italian dishes. Now you should book your hotels and cars before you arrive in this city. It will help you in enjoying your Courchevel, France holiday in the best way.

Les Trois Vallées, France: a beautiful skiing resort in France

Les Trois Vall View

If you want to enjoy a skiing holiday with your family, you must choose the Les Trois Vallees, France. This is an eye-catching skiing resort, which offers you 600 km’s skiing resorts. Additionally, this place also offers you wonderful atmosphere to enjoy snow sports and a pleasant holiday on your vacations. If you love to ski long, then you can ski in three interlinked valleys of this place and I am sure that you will get huge fun there. This place also offers you wonderful nightlife with enough transportation facilities. You can easily reach from one place to another place by using those transportation facilities.

Where to stay?

The Les Trois valleess, France offers you very good accommodation services, where you can spend your whole vacation in a pleasant way. Hence this place is mainly known for its skiing surface, people also love to stay in the ski restarts. It depends on you that which kind of accommodation you want on your tour. If you are here to enjoy your whole holiday by watching and enjoying this place, then you should choose a good hotel. Residence Soleil Vacances Les Ménuires, Résidence Le Portillo and Residence Pierre & Vacances Le Machu Pichu are some famous five star hotels in this location, where you can stay and enjoy your vacation. There are also many good skiing resorts, which offer you wonderful accommodation with skiing facility.

Sports and entertainment:

As I said above, Les Trois Vallees, France is mainly a skiing resort; all the sports of skiing are organized here. Every year, thousands of sport loving individuals arrive here to see the skiing sports. Additionally, people also take part in organized snowboarding and skiing sports to enjoy their holiday in a much better way. I am sure you can have huge entertainment here, if you will walk on the snow of alpines. The whole world knows that Les Trois Vallees is the most wonderful skiing location, which offers complete entertainment and enjoyment of winter holidays.

Nightclubs and evening enjoying destinations:

Hot Girls Les Trois Vall

Every person wants to have a wonderful evening on his holiday. Well, it is possible only if you know the right place to visit. Val Thorens is the prime location for discos and nightclubs in Les Trois Vallees. Here you will find many good clubs and pubs to enjoy your evening with hot women Les troisValles France. If you are alone, then don’t be worried because you will easily find a good partner here. Women come and meet strangers here to be their dating Les TroisValles France women. If you are searching in that way, then be sure to get someone here in Val Thorens. I am sure you will get what you want to have in the evening of your holiday.

LA foliedouce, chaospope Nicholas and a few other restaurants take care of your taste. They offer you some of the most famous recipes of France. If you are in the mood of eating something else, then you can also ask for any desired dish there. I am sure you will get what you want. The cable cars, ski buses and public transports help people in traveling here. Everything is better in Les Trois Vallees, just visit here and enjoy a wonderful skiing holiday.

What you will get in Lourdes, France for your enjoyment?


Among all charming cities of France, Lourdes is one of the most eye-catching cities of France. This city is called the main hub of Marine pilgrimage, where thousands of tourists around the world come every year. There is a belief in the citizens of this city that Virgin Mary, who is the mother of god, was becoming visible more than 18 times here at the Grotto. It is why Lourdes is also a religious place to visit and come in touch with the spiritual truth of the world. Basically Lourdes is the tourism capital of France, where people visit to see sleepy markets. This city is divided into two different parts. One is global area, where is Grotto and some other churches and the local area, where you will see many gold markets and accommodation spots.

A way of traveling to Lourdes, France:

If you are in Paris and want to go Lourdes by car, then it will hardly take nine hours. I am sure you will enjoy a wonderful drive to Lourdes by car. People can also travel by train to this city because it is connected with every big city of France. On Lourdes station you will get every facility, like cafes, hotels and other necessary things. If you are in the mood to enjoy a coach tour to Lourdes from UK or Ireland, then you can make your choice among several coaches. Some agencies offer you a coach tour to Lourdes at reasonable rates. So you can enjoy the travel to Lourdes, France from UK also.

Charm of Lourdes:

If you want to see the real charm of this city, then you should take a walk to the famous tourist locations of Lourdes. Here you can see the Virgin Mary Sightings, which will realize you that the mother of god was really appeared in this city. Additionally, you can visit to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, The Wax Museum, The Grotto of Massabielle, The Rosary Basilicaand to make your journey a very pleasant experience of your life. For sure, if you want to hire a car for visiting in this city, then you can also take support of car rental agencies.

Sports and entertainment:

Hot Girl Lourdes

In Lourdes, France people majorly enjoy the white water sports. Probably you would have seen that how the boaters ride in white water Rivers to enjoy this sport. If you are interested, then you can join any good club and take the adventurous ride of white water. The HSPN and French Canoe are two main locations for whitewater sports. In the night, tourists can also enjoy the nightlife in their way with pretty women Lourdes. You can visit in dance clubs and get some hot women Lourdes to enjoy the evening. Additionally, this city has some wonderful bars and pubs, like Lá Frégate, (Disco), Chemin du Lac Tostaky Pub, 6, Esplanade du Paradis, where you can go and find what you want.

Lourdes, France is a complete package of modern and spiritual enjoyment. It depends on you that what you want to do here, but some highly facilitated hotels are available for accommodation. You can get around by many transport facilities, so visit here and get the real pleasure of your life.

Complete tourist guide for Lyon, France

Lyon City View

Do you know that which is the birthplace of Cinema? It is Lyon, France and it is also known as Lyon in English nations. It is the third largest city in the country and known for its rich and wonderful history. This is a place, where you can taste delicious cuisines of France and also see the real art of Roman Empire in ruins and ancient buildings of Lyon. The people of this city believe in vibrant cultural values that are why you will see that this city still looks full of traditional things and places. There are many wonderful places to see and things to do in Lyon, France, which are given below.

Transport facilities:

There are many transportation services, which connect Lyon with other main cities of France. If you want to go with the plane, then you can take flight directly to Lyon city. Otherwise, you can also travel through trains and roadways. The best way of watching every monument in this city is by foot. Take support of public transports like buses and visit to any desired location of this city. For sure you will get the best ride to your destination. You can also hire a taxi or car to get around. By the way, the most budget friendly and pleasing way is traveling by public transport, which is divided in Line A, Line B, Line C, and Line D.

Accommodation services:

Well, Lyon has some of the most eye-catching and fully facilitated hotels to stay. When you will check, you will get both luxurious and budget friendly hotels here. It depends on you that which kind of accommodation you will prefer to have in this city. A good online search will bring you closer to your destination and help you in finding a suitable hotel for you.Some famous hotels of this city are Chateau De Bagnols and Villa Florentine, which are five star luxurious hotels. To have cheap deals on hotel rooms, you can search online and get it in any good hotel.

Must see spots

If you are on a vacation of Lyon and yet you have not seen the old ancient town, then you have seen nothing. You must visit in Vieux Lyon, which is the old town and preserved in the same way. Some buildings of this area was remolded, but everything is same like the old age. Another good place to see is Lyon Cathedral, which is a Roman Catholic cathedral. It looks awesome in the night and many tourists visit to see it. Similarly there are many other hotspots to see in Lyon, which can make your journey unforgettable.

Nightlife and cuisines:

Pretty Women Lyon

Hence Lyon is the third largest city of France; it offers you a wonderful nightlife. There are many clubs, pubs, bars and discos, where you can go and enjoy your time with hot women Lyon. If you want to have some rest and fun with pretty women Lyon, then you can also take massage and spa with the help of girls. They offer you all kind of treatments you want to have for feeling relaxed. Lyon is an incredible part of France and a great destination for enjoying the holiday.



Marseille la nuit

It is the earliest traditional city in France and is the largest commercial port on the Meditterean. It is assumed that in 600BC, travelers from Greek town focused Marseille. In the middle ages, the Crusaders on the bark of the journey to Jerusalem used Marseille’s main harbor. In 1720, the plague led to the decline of the population. At the outset of French Revolution, volunteers marched from Marseille into Paris singing; Marseille is born. This multicultural harbor city soon gained a reputation, but now it is transformed into magnificent coastal city. Feel yourself in respect to why this city is so noteworthy.


NOTRE DAME LE DA GARDE: This church is one of the main monuments in this city. It has a tall tower with a statue of Virgin Mary. Its height is 10 meters long. In the midst of 19th century, the old pilgrim church at the fortress made way for a gigantic new building. The church terrace provides a beautiful look of the whole city.


When thinking about holidays in the city and its location, beaches cannot be overlooked. There are several beaches stretching vast area along the western line of the city right from the north to south. In these, one can enjoy surfing, swimming, skateboarding, sunbathing or even have meal or drinks along the beach side. Every beach has a lifeguard. There is a variety of them such as natural, or artificial. Some are good for families to enjoy along with children while some are filled with pebbles of rock. The city has organized some sports activity. In this, both parents with children can participate. These include swimming lessons for kids, hip hopping, beach rugby, kayaking. They charge for each event.

The sea is vast, blue and bright with the area. But sometimes it can also be filthy. The government is working hard to set standards on cleaning of these beaches. The temperature of water gets cooler as one goes deeper.


If you have money does not miss the opportunity to enjoy in pubs. It includes O Brady Irish pub, red lion downtown, and river bar. It is known worldwide. It is a place of hard music lovers and clubs. The areas for nightlife include Vieux Port and Escale Borely. A new traveler could get information either by local paper or internet. The selection of music is trendy and filled with younger age group. It is the mixture of electric, rock music with a glass of beer at hand. One of the bars is renowned as Marcel Pagnol; film-maker had made a movie scene in it.

Hot Dancing Girls MARSEILLE


After travelling to Marseille, one should not miss pretty women Marseille dancing on traditional folks until dawn. You can even play a dance with her.


There are many agencies to help you meet with seeking these girls. In order to make your trip memorable, hot women Marseille ready to walk even with our way. They want us to understand more about their culture. They are always an excellent companion. They various internet sites where one could fill the online and have to date single. Also, you can meet in Miami and Cape Town. This town is acknowledged as one of the romantic places in the world. Dating Marseille women is the best thing you can do when in town. Their walks and talks will raise you to new levels of romance.


There are various restaurants like O’bidul, chez lda, Alcyone and many more. They provide you with delicious appetite vegetarian and no vegetarian.

I feel that visiting this place is a lifetime experience.

Nice, France: An incredible spot to live wonderful days and nights of vacations

Nice Beach France

Nice is the fifth biggest city of France, which is situated on the east coast of France and near the Mediterranean beach. This is one of the best locations for artistic things, vacations and also for having good food and delicious wines. This place is France’s vacation capital and it offers you plenty of amazing things to do on your holidays. People also take part in some sports here, which are organized by local communities for the entertainment of tourists. There are many wonderful places to see and visit, like Cours Saleva flower Market and ancient Roman Ruins. I am sure you can make your Nice journey memorable by reading below given information.

Sports and entertainment:

Nice is a wonderful city, which offers you many destinations for enjoying sports events. It is the town of the famous OGC football club. Many soccer events are organized in this city for which it has four world famous stadiums. Stade du Ray is one of those stadiums, where OGC’s matches are organized. Allianz Riviera is another great soccer stadium located in Nice city, where many soccer matches are organized every year. The Stade Charles-Ehrmann is a stadium, where many other sports are organized. People come in this stadium in good number and enjoy those sports events. One of the most famous festival places of Nice is Nice Jazz festival, in which many people take part and enjoy their time.

Places to see:

There are many wonderful structures built in the nice city, including Roman Ruins. Additionally, if you want to enjoy seaside adventures, then you can visit at a Mediterranean beach attached to this city. If you are in this city and yet not visited to Cours Saleya Flower Market, then your Nice journey is yet not completed. You must visit this market because it is the main attraction of the city. Another wonderful place to see in Nice is Matisse Museum, which offers you whole amazing facts related to this city. It mainly contains an artistic staff of this city, which you will surely like.

Transport options:

For traveling to the main town from the airport you can choose airport express, which provides you transport facility from the airport to main city. Thus, you can come to the main city and then you can use the public transport buses or trams to travel in the main city. To visit in nearby towns you can take help of the train. For more comfortable tour you can also travel by taxi services.

Hot Women Nice

Above given facilities are the best in Nice and additionally, if you are interested in finding a place where you can meet with many women, then you should join the night clubs. Nice offers you many good nights enjoying destinations, like Fed’s Bar, High Club and Baroque Bar are the most visited nightlife enjoying destinations in Nice city. If you want to make your night colorful, then visit at the night clubs of Nice and get hot women Nice there. For sure, your Nice trip will be more wonderful than your thinking with pretty women Nice. This city offers you great accommodation facility with high-tech facilities. Visit here and enjoy your holiday in the best way.