Bordeaux, France: a place famous for world class wines and real culture of France

Bordeaux City in France

The wine lovers know that Bordeaux is the only city in France that offers the world class wines. This city is resided at the Shore of Garonne River in southwestern France. This city is an amazing place to come and enjoy a memorable holiday. This city has many hotspots to visit, where you will find winery, wet docks, and a great accommodation facility. Well, if you are thinking that Bordeaux is all about wines, let me tell you there are many other things to do and enjoy. You will get world class transportation facilities and eye-catching sceneries to see. Let’s explore more:

How to arrive:

Bordeaux city offers you Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, which is situated in western end of the city. It is a regional airport, where flights from all over the France arrive every day. You can come here by plane or you choose the train way. The railway station is located at the central region of this city, which connects whole France with this city. You have also road transportation option, if you want to come here by car or by bus. This city is quite large that’s why you will need to hire a taxi or use the public transport for traveling around. You can choose tram way also, which is also known as electric bus in the city. Otherwise you can run around by bicycle to see the hotspots of this city.

Hotels and restaurants:

For sure you can find out both luxurious and cheap hotels in Bordeaux city of France. If you are in mood to live your vacation in fully facilitated way, then you can choose hotels like, Petit Hotel Labottiere, Hotel Des Voyageurs and Hotel Burdigala, which are five star hotels. These hotels offer you luxurious accommodation facility with all modern services. Similarly you can also book a room in cheap hotels of Bordeaux city online.

Hot Girl Bordeaux

To make your journey more delightful with taste of French cuisines, you can go in local restaurants of the city. Glouton le Bistrot and La Maison du Pata Negra are the two most famous restaurants in the city. The nightlife in this city is also awesome with hot women Bordeaux. Some pubs and musical restaurants stay open late in the night where one can mingle with pretty women Bordeaux. They offer you famous wines of Bordeaux city in many different flavors.

Places to see:

F.C. Girondins is a famous football club of the city, which you surely want to see. Every year few soccer matches are organized in this city for people’s entertainment. You must visit in Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, which is prime location to visit and see in the city. Along with that you would surely like to see the Bordeaux Cathedral and Museum dAquitaine, which are famous for their structural and inside beauty. Additionally you can see many other cultural spots in the city, which are the main tourism attraction of this city. For shopping you can visit in The Pedestrian Center, which is a prime location to purchase anything you want. Bordeaux is offering you many other things to do and enjoy, just book your tickets and visit this wonderful place.

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